Mosquito Magnet® Independence
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Mosquito Magnet® Independence
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Mosquito Magnet® Independence

  • Economical alternative to buying each component separately.
  • Ideal for the Southern US Region.
  • Attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects like midges, black flies and no-see-ums
  • Backed by 18 years of research and over 15 patents.
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented Catalytic Converter – converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture to simulate human presence.
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented Counterflow™ Technology - Lures, Captures, Controls mosquitoes.
  • The Mosquito Magnet® Independence  is ideal for larger yards – protects up to 1 acre
  • Cordless – runs on a custom rechargeable battery – one charge lasts the entire season!
  • Operates 24 hours a day for optimal performance. Begins working inmediatly, mosquito population declines in 4 weeks.
  • Dual-tone color design is proven to attract mosquitoes.
  • Silent, odorless, all-weather performance.
  • Easy assembly, heavy duty construction with reinforced base for added durability. Includes convenient wheels for easy re-location. Tank brackets holds propane tank in place when re-locating the trap.
  • Easy to maintain. For peak performance refill propane tank and replace attractant cartridge and net (if necessary) every 21 days.
  • Backed by the exclusive Mosquito Magnet® 360° Customer Support Program. Shop with confidence!
  • One-Year Limited Warranty, 30 day return policy.
  • #1 mosquito trap in North America!