High Pressure Regulator
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High Pressure Regulator
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Compact High Pressure Regulator for portable LPG cylinder used in conjuntion with a cylinder valve to reduce pressure to a 0-2bar outlet pressure required for operation of torches , burners and furnaces for commercial and industrial applications .

Key Advantages

  • Premium quality for best performance and dependability with a minimum service .
  • 8Kg/hr capacity
  • No tools required to connect regulator to the valve .
  • Adjustable outlet pressure .
  • Sealed after assembly to prevent access to regulating mechanism .



  • Inlet Connection Size : Quick coupling-Ø20mm(G52)
  • Outlet Nozzle Hose Size : Hose connection-Ø10mm(H51)
  • Outlet Pressure : 0-2bar /0-29psig
  • Capacity : 8Kg/hr