BBQ Repair Service

We specialised in servicing and repair of all brands of BBQ Grills including  OUTBACK , Cookaburra , Concorde etc .

Common problems of grillers includes :

  • Cannot Ignite .
  • Poor Grill performance .(no hot enough)
  • Faulty switches.
  • Broken Knobs
  • Gas leaks

We also provide :

  • conversion of BBQ gas grills to local standard fittings.
  • Esso cylinder gas. (LPG)

Our technicians have years of experience and we carry most replacement parts . From BBQ grill replacements to gas grill and gas cooking equipments , we do it all and at  a very competitive prices . Let us perform a complete check up on your grill today .


If you suspect any gas leak , shut of all gas controls and call us immediately  at 62877055 and we will be at your service .

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