About Us

Our company was established in 1972 as an Esso Gas Dealer. At that time, our company's main business is delivering cylinder gas to individual households. We also have a small shophouse displaying household appliances including gas cookers, gas burners, washing machines, etc.

In 1984, we moved to Defu Lane and became the first Esso Distribution Centre in Singapore for Esso LP Gas. Building up our name, we moved into the industrial and commercial sectors supplying LP Gas and giving them support on their LP Gas related appliances such as main kitchen set-up, gas boilers, gas piping designs and installations, etc.

We started to import our own gas burners and other gas related products such as cast iron burners, table-top gas burners, infrared burners, gas rice cookers, gas regulators and etc, which are all SISIR Approved.

In the recent years, we have established a fleet of deliveryman to deliver LP Gas to individual household and industries. We also cater to many hotels and factories in Singapore. We have also joined with companies in Taiwan, China and Malaysia to import gas related appliances to cater to the local market's needs.